About Us

Puppy Please Dog Training was formed in September of 2008 and has helped thousands of families learn how to work with, live with and enjoy their dogs! Despite our name, we work with puppies through seniors. We have assisted blind dogs, deaf dogs, even three legged dogs! Our primary focus is family pets, but we have a well rounded background allowing us to assist in a wide variety of goals and aspirations for your dog, as well as address many behavior concerns.

Puppy Please utilizes positive reinforcement in our training. We use treats, toys, games, play and other things the dogs find pleasurable to make training fun and applicable to real life situations. We teach YOU how to use these skills in your day to day interactions. We firmly believe that training should be enjoyable for both the owner and the dog in order to make training successful!

We offer a unique system of classes that recognize that you do have a lot going on in your life and may not be able to commit to six straight weeks of class without an interruption. Missing classes does not help you or your dog. Our system allows you to take your six classes over a period of ten weeks! That way if you need to attend a meeting for your child at school, get stuck late at work, you are not feeling well, or even just need a quiet night off, you will not miss out on your paid for sessions!