We value our customers' experience at Puppy Please. Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

From helping us with housebreaking to dropping everything on a Friday night to come to our house to work through some aggression challenges, Jess has been committed to our family's pets for almost ten years. She has seen us through celebrations, struggles and even loss. She is more than a trainer. We consider her a valued friend, and we are lucky to have her!

Brian & Shara Morrison, Merrimack, NH

I have known Jessica for over 10 years in a variety of different roles. She has cared for my many pets (dogs, cats, and even a rabbit), counseled me over the phone, expertly attended to my animals' needs, and even filled in for a family member during the final moments of a special canine's life, comforting both him and me. However, her most outstanding qualities are clearly shown in the training she provides to dogs and their owners. Long before I actually was able to bring my latest puppy home, I contacted Jess to make sure there was room in her class for us. No matter whether she is teaching basic training maneuvers or targeting specific problem issues, Jess has an approach that is gentle, kind and practical. Her solutions are realistic. I am amazed with the amount of knowledge she shares so easily in class. She also provides follow-up support by phone if needed and tons of encouragement. She definitely scores an 11 on a scale of 1-10 in my book! Charlie and I think she is the absolute best in dog training.

The Benard Family, Merrimack, NH

My husband and I started working with Jessica to help us with Emme, our Great Dane puppy. She was jumpy, fearful, somewhat unpredictable and we needed to learn how to help her. With Jessica's guidance and patience over the past year, Emme has gained a tremendous amount of confidence and is not the same dog we welcomed home. She has really come out of her shell and has been enjoying her world. Jessica has given us the tools to help Emme continue to grow and we are thankful to her.

The Arbour Family, Merrimack, NH

Jessica, we have been having some behavior challenges with Lucy, mainly barking, and we sat down and talked about it. We said, "What did Jessica teach us- how can we motivate Lucy to do the RIGHT thing?". So, we thought about it and treat and encourage the correct behavior, just like you taught us, and it is working really well. Thank you, years later, for how you trained us- you still help us enjoy our doggie!

The Eggleston Family, Pelham, NH

Thank you Jessica for your amazing expertise, we couldn't have done it without you! With your quick and easy training lesson and tips - we were able to get our dog aggressive dog to get along with his new cousin puppy so that our families could spend quality time together! We really appreciate what you taught us so that we could work with them on our own. They are becoming great friends - and they are enjoying their playtime together!! Thanks again!!!

The Rose Family, Nashua, NH